The Truth Behind Messi’s Exit from Barcelona

The Truth Behind Messi’s Exit from Barcelona

August 11, 2021

Messi and Barcelona had an agreement of 300 million Euros for playing 2 seasons. Year 1 Barcelona would pay 100, year 2 Barcelona would pay 100, and the remaining 100 would be paid in 3 years. The contract was based on assumptions of selling Griezmann, and other players willing to reduce their salary at least 30%

Laporta became new president with promises in his Presidency campaign of doing anything to make Leo Messi stay and make him an offer he would not be able to reject. Barcelona knew their financial situation debt of 792 million. Laporta knew how difficult it would be to make this contract happen and resolving all the other contracts

Missi flew to Barcelona to sign his contract and had a meeting with Laporta where he told him he will not be able to pay his salary. Messi’s father Jorge Messi accused Laporta in the meeting of using his son’s name to win the elections. Four hours later, Barcelona publishes the communication that Messi will not be signed. Did Barcelona do everything in their power? Did he offer Messi any other options even to play for free in order to stay.

It is impossible for Barcelona to find out last minute that they would not be able to renew Messi’s contract. However, the president and the club were telling everyone that everything was in order and it was a matter of time. Laporta seems like he knew all along this was impossible and really did not care about the situation. Messi did everything possible to stay where he was willing to reduce his salary to 50%. La Liga only allows the contract to be reduced as much as 50%.

Messi was already listening to other clubs just in case this contract would not get approved by La Liga. If this new contract with PSG were to happen quickly, it means that he was already working with PSG and the details of his contract. It was also said by ex-Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos when he was trying to negotiate his renewal with Florentino Perez. He told him that PSG was talking to him and that PSG wanted to make a wining team with Messi and Ramos.

Did La Liga not give any flexibility to Barcelona to sign Messi because Barcelona is still part of the Super Liga? His exit is not how a true legend should leave any club after 17 years. Now Messi is leaving to another team for free without providing any money to Barcelona that would help their financial situation at this time. How would Barcelona do this season without Messi? Can the Spanish teams complete with other teams such as PSG that are backed by a whole country’s financial system such as Qatar where the next World Cup will be held.

Who is to blame for his exit? Laporta, Messi, La Liga (Javier Tebas), or Barcelona? Share your answers