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Our Story

While traveling to Thailand in 2014, FUTLOV Founder Edwin Ruiz saw the hardships faced by children playing soccer without shoes and a ball made out of cloth. Wanting to help, he created FUTLOV, a company that would match every soccer inspired product purchased with soccer gear for a child in need around the world.

FUTLOV is a lifestyle brand with giving at its core. Grounded in the 1to1GIVING mission, every purchase has a purpose. Consumers are benefactors, philanthropists and activists that enable FUTLOV to help provide soccer gear to kids in need around the world. With every product you purchase, FUTLOV will help a kid in need. 1to1GIVING.

Our Products

Our watches , with modern style in mind , are beautifully design with soft and subtle soccer details on them . They are crafted with premium and good looking material, being unisex and casual , they fit any occasion , wear it in any sport activity or any professional meeting. OUR WATCHES MEASURE AND RESIST TIME THE FIRST SOCCER INSPIRED WATCH WITH A SOCIAL PURPOSE

Our Purpose

An article of soccer gear will be donated to kids in need around the world for every watch purchased. 1to1GIVING. We're actively looking for charities and non-profits who can participate in our "1to1GIVING back program."
Soccer balls , Cheats , hats,uniforms,you name it.With every product purchased and article of soccer gear will be given to a kid. The item chosen will vary on the needs of the foundation .

Our Social

We’re more than just quality watches and accessories — we’re a community of supporters across our socials. Follow us on insta for a glimpse into our lifestyle.


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